Saturday, May 31, 2008

The journey begins

You get what you focus on, what are you focusing on? Thats how this journey began. I asked myself that question and it hit me. Everything that I am motivating other women to do, I simply was not doing myself. I tell women that in order to be a great Mom and great caregiver, employee, wife, and in order to wear all the different hats that they wear, they must first take care of themselves. I was focusing on taking care of the needs of my business and my members, my family and even my puppy but somehow I was at the end of the list and it was time that I practise what I preach and move myself to the front of the line. So here I am, weighing in at an all time high body weight of 200 pounds, the most weight I have ever been outside of pregnancy. Game on! My goal is to get back into my wedding gown by October 23rd, 2008...which marks my 9th wedding Anniversary. In order to do this, I will need to lose a total of 55 pounds. I started this mission the day after Victoria Day; Tuesday May 20th, 2008...and this I AM GOING TO DO! So far, I have lost just over 8 pounds and am feeling more determined than ever. I have committed to making the time for my 3 Curves workouts per week at 30 minutes each plus some extra cardio outside of Curves varying from family bike rides, hiking and running with my dog. She is an Austallian Labradoodle and she loves to run as much as I do. I registered today for my first half marathon scheduled for October 26th, 2008. Perfect timing to work towards my goal. Hold on tight, here we go!