Friday, November 14, 2008

The journey continues

Had to take a two week break. I actually got really sick after the half marathon. I have read its common after putting your body through stress like that. Your immunity system is not as strong as its too busy trying to help you recover from the extra stress you have just put on it. I thought that because I eat so healthy that I would be okay, but I need to be more diligent with my multi vitamin. Its like an insurance policy to ensure you are meeting all the nutritional needs your body has. I have been missing some days. But I am more determined than ever to take it.

I am feeling great again and back to my Curves workouts and my runs (much less than before) ...Where I was training for over 2 hours pre-race, now I am running half an hour to an hour. For now, that is until I decide what my next running race challenge will be. Then I will get serious again.

For now, my goal is to lose about 9 or 10 pounds by Christmas. I think I can do it. Thats 6 weeks away and that works out to about a pound and a half per week loss.

I am back to tracking my food on the Curves online weight loss program. All is good. Putting it all in perspective, yes all is good.