Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fresh Start

Sometimes do you find that something happens that gets you off track...like PMS or just simply a cold or life throwing you a curve ball.

These things will happen.

Forgive and Forget...and MOVE FORWARD.

I like to call it a Fresh Start. Just take a deep breath and begin again.

Be sure to Reserve this Saturday January 31st at 10 am til 11:30 on your calendar.

I am so excited to be sharing our NEW and Improved Weight Management Plan for Success.

The Best part is its FREE!!!

Its at my Niagara Falls South Curves location at 7000 McLeod Road. Seating is limited so you must call to reserve your spot in the class... 905 358-1977

Dont miss out , it could change your LIFE!!!

Cant wait to see you there.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pull out the Timer

Whenever I feel that I am steering off the road of success, I pull out a timer and Refocus.

Here's how it works;

Get a timer from the dollar store...it clips on your belt buckle.

set it for every hour to go off.

Every hour , drink one glass of water.

Every 3rd hour, eat healthfully...protein, fruits or veggies.

Its like magic...It works..

Im gettin' my timer out.


Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Clean Sweep

Happy New Year...

Wow, we made it through the holidays. Great to spend time with family and friends and indulge a little! Exchanging gifts and putting on a few extra pounds is very common for the holidays.

But, now its time for a fresh new start or I like to call it a "Clean Sweep"

Here's how:

Grab the biggest garbage bag you can find.

Scour your kitchen for anything that is not healthy and toss it in the bag.

Start on the countertops, fridge, freezer, cupboards, pantry. Proceed to family room or anywhere else that snacks may be stashed, maybe in your car or purse. Out they go.

I just completed my clean sweep and it feels great. Every Christmas cookie, box of chocolates, salty snack, dessert, ginergerbread houses, out they go. Its making a statement that I am back on track and will fuel my body with healthy foods.

The next step is to write out exactly what I am planning on eating for the day. I use my Curves Complete on-line weight loss program.

Fact: Those that write down what they eat are proven to be 80% more successful in their weight loss efforts.

Step 3 is to plan your exercise for the day.

As soon as I finish here, I am heading to Curves for my workout. Lets go sisters, we are back and ready to make 2009 are year!

We can all do this, remember we are all in this together.