Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prepare your Portions in Advance

Portions, portions, portions!

Why is it so easy to overdo your portions.

I think the main reason for me is rushing and poor planning.

Sloooooow down and prepare those portions in advance.

If you have grabbable portions in the fridge, cupboard and freezer, you WILL BE MORE SUCCESSFUL.

When you get home with a big bag of raw almonds,,,good intentions say you plan on having only 12, but if you are like me...I LOVE ALMONDS...AND I will eat them until my jaw literally hurts. But...if I prepare in advance, I will not accidentally eat too many.

Here's my suggestion for the day...Buy some of those little snack bags (ziplock) My husband used to say "who would buy those, you cant fit anything in those little things" Well, now he sees we buy them and he understands works!

So, you come home with a monster bag of almonds and immediately you pull out your snack bags and count out as many as you have planned on having at a snack, depending on what phase you are on, dictates how many you can afford. Put all the snack bags back in the net almond bag and now voila, you are Portion controlled and will stay more on track.

Use this same concept for anything that tempts you too go overboard. everyone has something,...think for a moment,...what is it for you????

On the other side of the coin, maybe your veggies are going bad in the bottom of the crisper. Good habit when you get home from the grocery store, prepare larger snack bags with 1 cup of veggies...grabbable so that you will actually eat them. Your kids may start grabbing a bag of them too if they are ready to go.

Prepare for success!