Friday, November 14, 2008

The journey continues

Had to take a two week break. I actually got really sick after the half marathon. I have read its common after putting your body through stress like that. Your immunity system is not as strong as its too busy trying to help you recover from the extra stress you have just put on it. I thought that because I eat so healthy that I would be okay, but I need to be more diligent with my multi vitamin. Its like an insurance policy to ensure you are meeting all the nutritional needs your body has. I have been missing some days. But I am more determined than ever to take it.

I am feeling great again and back to my Curves workouts and my runs (much less than before) ...Where I was training for over 2 hours pre-race, now I am running half an hour to an hour. For now, that is until I decide what my next running race challenge will be. Then I will get serious again.

For now, my goal is to lose about 9 or 10 pounds by Christmas. I think I can do it. Thats 6 weeks away and that works out to about a pound and a half per week loss.

I am back to tracking my food on the Curves online weight loss program. All is good. Putting it all in perspective, yes all is good.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Half Marathon Mission Met!

What an amazing feeling. A goal I have had my entire adult run a half marathon. Accomplished!

My Mom and Dad were there, Nick, Brooklin and Franzi. The strength that comes from the support of those that love you...there is nothing like it.

Nick surprised me with an ipod for the race...We loaded it up with songs that represented each significant member of my family. Each held its own personal meaning to me and that family member. Brooklin gave me the song Do you Believe in Magic. Nick gave me a song by Triumph, follow your heart, Franzi picked an inspiring song by Europe, for my sister, Donna I had one of her favourite songs by Louie Armstrong, what a wonderful world, my Moms song for me is Celine Dion, You raise me up, for my Dad, Daddys hands, and for brother in law Phil, Journey-dont stop believing...and from my sister Patti and my brother Rick, was Elvis song, Little Sister.

Each song (family member) helped inspire me through different parts of the race. Having my family there to support me at several spots throughout the race was incredible.

Running with my two friends Chrystal and Ronda was the best. I could not have done it without their support and comraderie throughout the past 5 months of training and especially today during the race.

The sun was out and shined on us the whole race, contrary to the dismal weather reports that threatened rain. The hail and thunder and lightening storm started after we were safely nestled in our homes, in our cozies and wrapped up with a pillow and blanket.

Mother Nature helped push us a bit near the beginning of the race and again part way through but near the end she turned on us and we had to fight through the forceful wind for the last 2 miles or seemed like the longest 2 miles ever. I was not sure that I could do it. All three of us were really struggling at this point and kept reassuring each other even though all of us knew how hard it was getting. Our legs were not sure they could carry us to the finish line. We linked arms for maybe 20 seconds which seemed to solidify our committment to each other to carry on.

The last quarter of a mile, the song that took me to the finish line was Daddys hands. This was a song that My Dad and I had danced our Daddy, daughter dance to and it swept me off my feet and gave me an unexplained burst of energy to sprint all the way to the finish line and even pass some other runners in the process.

We finished this 13.2 mile run in 2 hours and 25 minutes. Amazing, thats all I can say. For our very first Marathon, to come in with a time like that, makes us very proud of our accomplishment. Yeah us and all the other friendly runners out there. Way to go. You should try it ...its an amazing feeling of pride and accomplishment. .

Monday, October 20, 2008

Crazy day after a crazy weekend!

This past weekend was like a whirlwind!

It was fun, but almost too jam-packed with too much planned activities. I think I would prefer to only schedule one thing per weekend and then you can really enjoy that one thing and still get caught up from your week.

I still have not unpacked from returning home from a trip the week before.

Trying to catch up on a Monday with things that should have been done on a weekend, just sets the crazy pace for the week.

Tried to go for a run after my Curves workout. We met at Oakes park and their was an event on the track...which really sidetracked us to run on the road. Crazy like I said.

Only 6 more days before the 1/2 marathon. We can do it. It just seemed so far away before. Now, all of a sudden its here.

Ahhh! No, really its okay...Hopefully a good night sleep will give some positive perspective to it all.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Lovin my new-found breakfast

You just have to try my new found breakfast favouite. Good old fashion oatmeal- one serving with this awesome frozen fruit medley with mangos, raspberries and blueberries with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and vanilla yogurt on top. It is AMAZING! And... you really cant get any healthier . Actually you can...if you added a 1/2 teaspoon or so of ground flax seed. I am going to try that tomorrow. P.S. The mango fruit medley is from m & m meats. Love it!

Did you know??? 1 teaspoon of cinnamon per day will lower cholestorol and has even been proven to help MANY get off their cholestorol meds. Recommendation is this. For 30 days, continue to take your cholestorol meds as well as 1 teaspoon of regular cinnamon and then go to the doctors and have him send you for tests to see if it helped to bring you into check. Hey, its worth a try. Cinnamon is way more delicious and way less expensive than cholestoral meds. Never go off your meds without clearance from your doctor. But,...once you try it and they give their ok.. start getting creative on all the different ways you can sprinkle a little here and there and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm back!!!!

I have been out of the country for the past two weeks on business...and its been advised that I not mention my absences until my return for obvious reasons.

So....I am back and very happy to be on familiar turf once again. There really is no place like home.

Its really exhausting being away even if it is in the sunny state of Florida.

Did manage to get my runs in and a few Curves workouts but not my regular faithful exercise schedule. Did my best with any slots of free time available.

So, hello Niagara its good to be back.

Chat soon.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It zips, it fastens!

Thats right...It is still September and I am 3 weeks away from our wedding anniversary, my goal date...and it zips all the way, it fastens all the way, the dress is on and a bride is born-again!

Hallaleuia!!! Hard work and determination prevail. I tried the dress on today, only to see how much further I needed to go to fit into it and low and behold it zipped, allllllll the way up and fastened at all the fastening spots.

Shock, excitement,, pride!!!
I was literally jumping up and down with joy at Curves today in my wedding gown that was done up all the way.... Did I mention that my wedding gown fits...I still can hardly believe it. I have been saying for years that I would love to get back into it...and finally I have done it. The support and encouragement from so many wonderful, caring people. Family, friends, staff, members, the entire Niagara community. I love you all for supporting me and believing in me. I cannot be happier. I am ready to give back every ounce of support and encouragement to y'all in whatever way I can. Please allow me to do that. If I can do it , so can you. I want to give hope and believe to every women that has ever doubted herself, to every teenager that has questioned her value in this world, and to every women that has ever said "I cant" ...because YOU CAN!
You are not alone! And...yes you too can aquire the Power to Amaze yourself!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Felt like Rocky today!

Felt like I was in a Rocky movie today...running up bleacher steps at a baseball stadium. What a great feeling. I felt like yelling out
Yo Adrienne. I ran up and down each set of steps then ran over to the next set and just kept on going.

You should really try it some time. My grandma always told me that to have "a firm butt" walking steps was key. Dont ask me why my Grandma and I were ever talking about firm butts. Not really a typical topic of conversation that I used to share regularly with Gramma.

Anyway, burned close to 500 calories in my Curves workout today and also managed to run for 10 miles. More than I have run in many years. I was supposed to do my run last night but got back too late from my Mom's Birthday celebration to run. So, I did it today.

I feel like I am really making great progress. I am fitting into clothes that I used to wear as a teenager. Whoo hoo and I think I even look better in them now than I did back then. Did not have my Curves workout back then to enhance and define "my Curves".

Things are busy but good!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Just call me Jerimiah, you know from the song Jerimiah was a bullfrog, a very good friend of mine.

I am aching from head to toe from pms cramps, severely...and the last thing I wanted to do last night was go do my Curves workout but I did!

Then, went for the hardest run ever. Research has shown that although you really do not feel like exercising when you are on your period, its really the best thing for you...So back to do my Curves workout again really did make me feel better even though I was convinced it wouldnt at the time...But it really did.

Keep that in mind when you want to just curl up on the couch or in bed and cover your head with a blanket, that is when you need it the most. So, if you are ever feeling that way...march over to Curves...or even just march down your street for a good brisk walk...It really will do you more good then you can even imagine.

And then remember, that it will be over a few more gruelling days! And... we will be okay once again...once the swollen body and brain recovers, we will be okay!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More Determined than EVER!

So many people read last week's newspaper article and were worried that it sounded like I have given up on my goal.

It may have sounded like that in the paper, but rest assured I have sooooo NOT GIVEN UP!

Quite the contrary. I have become even more strict on my healthy food choices and even more aggressive in my workouts.

I am down 3 pounds from that newspaper article last week.... Yes, the one that stated that I may not get down to 145 by October 23rd. I may or may not get down to that weight by that date, but for the record I have not given up! I will give it my all from now until then and all I was really trying to say was that due to the fact that I have increased my LEAN MUSCLE MASS and DECREASED MY BODY FAT so much from my strenghth training and cardio workouts at Curves, that I may need to weigh more than I did on my wedding day because I had never heard of Curves back then and I was not as committed to a regular strenghth training workout like Curves.
So, stay with me and lets remain more determined than ever, TOGETHER!
Where there is a will, there is a way...I boy do I have the WILL right now!!

I hope you do too!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I would love to hear from you

I get so much motivation from others, its like a synergistic fire that gets ignited when I get positive feedback.

Thank you so much for those that have responded with comments on my blog. You will never know how good it feels to think that you are with me.

We all really are in this together and if we can inspire each other and share our stories, its amazing how many lives we can touch.

In case you are not sure how to make a comment on this blog, all you do is click on comment and then type your comment and you will just need to sign in with a username and password and voila, you have done it.

NTW Reporter, Gord Bowes is on holidays this week so if anyone is looking for the update on my success story in tomorrow's paper, it will be delayed a week until next Friday. Nick thought I should let you all know.

It inspires me when I hear that someone is faithfully following my blog or my story. It makes me even more determined to reach my goal...So, if you are up to commenting, you would not believe how just hearing you are out there will play a huge role in this amazing journey.

Thank you again for all your support and kind words.

If you would like to comment the old fashioned way by emailing me directly, please do so at and in the re: line please put Weight Loss Journey...or an even older fashioned way , the good old telephone at 905 358-1977 or 905 468-9900. Or simply drop by one of my two Curves locations at 7000 McLeod Road in Niagara Falls or 1615 Niagara Stone Road in Virgil, NOTL.

Thanks, and I wish you all tremendous success in all you do!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

6 weeks to go till D-Day (dress day)

Well, there have been many obstacles along this journey, but each one has been incredibly rewarding once I overcame it.

Obstacles really do make us stronger. At the time, it feels like the most frustrating and overwhelming situation you can imagine....but looking at it from the other side feels really good.

I am trying to find things that actually fit me now and are not literally falling off me. The more I wear fitted clothes, the more people are noticing.

I am down to 167 and am feeling great. I am aiming for 5 Curves workouts per work and worst case scenario, sometimes I end up with 4 in a week...and thats okay by me. Then 2 cardio runs per week and walks to take Brooklin to school every day. I cant tell you the last time I plunked myself down in front of the tv,,,, its probably been over a month. I have so much more energy that the last thing I want to do is plunk on the couch. It used to be a daily routine to drag my exhausted self downstairs to watch tv...and then look for entertaining things to eat while I was down there. Not any more...I've turned over a new leaf. I would be more than happy if we got rid of the sattelite. the family is not ready for the plunge yet. Maybe in time. Brooklin is spending way less time in front of the tv as well so thats a good thing too!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am in the 160's and the dress goes on

How exciting. I weighed in this morning and my weight is 169 ... A whole new set of numbers ..So happy.

And tried on my wedding gown today and it goes on. The zipper will only go up 1/2 way but it goes on.. I was soooo nervous trying it on because I truly had no idea whether it would even go over my hips yet or not but it did. I felt amazing prancing through Curves today in my wedding gown. There is something about a wedding gown that makes you feel like a princess. Curves members were there cheering me on. What a great feeling.

I think I can do it.

8 weeks to go and the push is really on because I am determined to do this. I will zip it up the whole way by my 9th wedding Anniversary.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birthday celebrations complete

Birthday celebrations for Brooklin's big Birthday have been very fun but also challenging for eating healthy.

Brooklin turned 8, on August 8th, 2008. So, its a very special year for her and we celebrated heartily with a 3 parties. One intimate party with Nick, Brooklin and I and then a family gathering and finally today an oh so special Hannah Montana Rock party. 3 Eating extravaganza. Thank goodness for excercise. Without my Curves workouts and cardio runs, I think I would have really gained enormously. I think I have held my own and it really just stalled progress slightly.

I am back in the saddle once again.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Keep your focus even when it feels impossible

Sometimes it feels like you are spinning your wheels and getting no where. I was sick again for a couple days. Enough already. Most people would lose weight when they are sick. Not me. I actually gain weight. I think its because I have been sooo active and when I am sick, I am not active at all. Also, because when I feel sick, I tend to just eat what ever I think is going to make me feel better. Things like chicken noodle soup and crackers and cheese. Carb attack...Sodium attack and lack of protein. Well, I am just going to try to be more diligent with my multi vitamin. I think maybe I am depleting my supply of nutrients with all my activity and am lacking something to keep getting sick. Not to mention , like everybody else, I have alot on the go and on my plate so to speak.

But thats just life. I am not giving up...I am getting even more determined. When the fight gets harder, pray that you get tougher! thats what I am doing.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Set mini goals and reward yourself when you hit them.

I can finally say that I am more than half way to my goal of 55 pounds. I am now down 28.6 pounds.

It feels really good. We have an exchange student coming to live with us for a year. We pick her up next week from the airport, on Wednesday. My goal for when I pick her up is to be in the 160's. There is something very exciting in reaching a whole new set of numbers. Right now, I am 171.4 and I believe that I can do it. ....even to just see 169 is going to be awesome. I cant wait. If I get into the 160's by next Wednesday, I am going to give myself a reward of a spray tan. It really makes you feel like a new person, having a healthy glow.

Rewards are a great idea to get that feel good feeling of accomplishment. I highly recommend them for everyone. Set a mini goal and then reward yourself,,,,even something as small as a new nail polish or a fresh bouquet of flowers ...Keep the journey fresh and fun...

Friday, August 8, 2008

Midpoint has arrived and I am down to midpoint goal

Wow, its the halfway point of my journey...half way between my start date of May 20th to my end date of Oct. 23rd.

I needed to be down 27.5 pounds to be halfway to my weight loss goal of 55 pounds.

Now, the second half should be exciting. I cant wait to say, I am more than half way to me goal. It always feels better to be on the other side of half.

When I am doing my Curves workout, I am always excited when I see that I am more than half way done. Same goes for running, you feel like well, I can do whats left to do, that less than half of what I just accomplished.

Water retention has been a huge challenge this week with PMS related issues hitting with a vengence. I thought I would never get rid of 3 pounds that I fought with this week. But, alas, once and for all they are gone.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

There is power in the printed word

Tracking what you are eating and drinking is key. It is so easy to slip up into old habits.

I had a few busy days in a row...which lead me to neglect to track on my Curves online weight loss program what I was eating and drinking. I am once again pulling in the reins before anything gets out of control.

My new thing is to have 2 glasses of water before I allow myself to reach for that cup of coffee in the morning.

I just drank my 2 glasses of water and now I get to enjoy that first sip of coffee, BUT NOT UNTIL I track those water. I get to check off 2 glasses of water on my program...then ahhh..that coffee reward at last!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Some things are better left unknown

I looked up the fat and sodium content in an East Side Marios garden salad. One small red bowl has 15 grams of fat and 750 mg of sodium. No wonder I always spike up in weight whenever I go there because I usually innocently have 3, 4 or even 5 bowls of their unlimited salad.

Whoa, in 3 bowls is the amount of fat grams for my daily fat consumption. Mind you, I typically watch very carefully my fat intake. I try to get in some good fats like from olive oil.

4 bowls of this salad would put you over the high end of sodium levels for a day for a healthy person...I healthy person should not consume more than 2500 mg of sodium per day and a person with heart concerns has half that limit...they should not exceed 1200 mg daily.

Hmmm. ...why is it that everything delicious has its price, yes even salad!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

East Side Marios

Was treated to East Side Marios tonight for dinner.

Avoided the warm bread with slathered butter.

Chose the whole wheat linguine with garlic and shrimp.

And garden salad. Only problem is I do not know what kind of fat content is in the dressing. It is so delicious which makes me think that it is high fat. But anyway, I had lots and lots of salad. So, depending on the salad dressing , that could be good or bad.

i hope good. I did my best to make the best choice and loved every minute of it. If anyone knows the nutrition content of ESM's dressing...please let me know.
Thanks,,,until then I will hope its healthy. Thats all I can do.

That and just get back to program Friday.

Baggy pants

I always talk about the "baggy butt" syndrome...and I have it big time.

All of my pants are just hanging off of me, some are even falling off.

Its a great sign of success and also a sign of the time to buy some smaller clothes.

Because of the cost of replacing your wardrobe, the best solution for this in between stage is second hand shops like Value Village and the Goodwill. Once a find a little time, I will be heading there.
In the meantime, I am having fun pulling out things from bins of clothes that I already own that I have not fit into in literally years...Its very fun!

Wearing things that fit seem to provoke more people noticing and complimenting success.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Exceeded my body fat goal!

Very excited today. Got weighed, measured and body fat tested. My end goal for Oct. 23rd was to be down to 34% body fat and I am down to 33.7%

Feels great. There is one goal down and 2 more to go.

Fit into wedding gown by Oct. 23rd

Be 145 by Oct. 23rd.

I believe I am on track to do it!~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Protein saved the day

After such a fun but tiring weekend, getting right back on track with lots of protein today helped me to jump into my week with a bang. That and a great workout at Curves re-energized me to be ready for all this week has in store for me.

The great news is...there are sooooo many yummy protein choices. My all-time favourite is a Curves protein shake blended with crushed ice and 2 tsp. of natural peanut butter. Its a favourite with kids too for an occasional treat.

Not to mention these shrimp skewers Nick picked up for me that have a lime flavour to them. I think they were Our Compliments brand...No name of some sort, fabulous!!!

A handful of almonds are another protein favourite.

Protein rocks.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Fun day at ZOOZ with my family...then a 5 mile run tonight.

I am whipped.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Too rushed to eat, feeling of deprivation and Desperation.

Rushed from the second I woke up today. Promotion to attend in NOTL and then off to Niagara Falls straight from there til 6pm then a house guest coming for Brooklin and off to Zooz for the day the next morning.

Was no time to prepare. Was playing catch up with food all day. Did not pack food to keep me energized and nutritionalized. Will not do this again any time soon. Felt sick and desperate to eat, eat , eat.

Not a good feeling.

Will learn from this...and be sure to pack the night before a big busy day.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thank goodness for preparing extra

Thank goodness for salads and cooked chicken.

Nick made me up a huge salad a couple days ago and it has saved me so many times. I cooked up a whole bunch of chicken also and some extra lean ground beef. I just throw in some protein to my salad and presto I have a yummy meal. Helps to keep you focused on days you get home late and dont know what to make.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 pounds to go to midpoint goal weight

Yahoo, only 3 pounds to go before I am at the halfway point of my goal. I am so excited. I expected to be here before the actual midpoint of my journey of August 5th, but thats okay...Stuff happens and I will move forward with pride.

I've been getting in my Curves Workouts this week and feeling great. Ran Sunday and Tuesday also, 5 miles Sunday and just over 4 miles last night.

Went to Movie last night with my friends and we all brought our daughters. What a great time,,,,and I remained focused. Brought almonds to munch on and had a treat of a diet coke. Had a couple little nibbles of Brooklin's popcorn but all in all was very proud of my restraint.

Had girls at the bank and at local stores and my doctors office all give me wonderful encouragement and support. Wow, it feels great to have so many people noticing and complimenting me. Brooklin says , you are famous, MOM! So cute.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Excellent day!

Felt good all day today...tracked food intake well and did a great Curves workout.

Followed the Curves meal plan, almost perfectly today. As best as my lifestyle would permit.


Unofficial weigh in day tomorrow.

Look forward to another new day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back with a vengence- Halfway point fast approaching!

Okay, enough is enough. I mean business now... I am starting today brand new, fresh start and a new beginning.

Its been 3 weeks of monkeying around. Illness or no-illness, I am moving on.

I really got away from the regiment of tracking everything that I ate on my Curves online weight loss program.

Here is the Gameplan:

1)Starting today I am tracking every last sip of water and every bite, lick or taste of anything that crosses these lips.

2)I am getting back to my 3 Curves workouts per week, no matter what.

3)I am getting back to a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio daily, rollerblading, walking, running, whatever strikes my fancy...but 30 good minutes daily.

4)I will write again on this daily blog, even if its just to say one sentence that sums up how I am feeling or any words of wisdom I would like to share. Or....even just to say how I did on all 3 levels of my game plan...I will report in, I promise.

Its truly amazing how an illness can be such a distraction from what is important. Its really does steal your focus. But no more.

Hold on tight, here we go!

The half way point of my 22 week adventure is creeping up on me. My goal was to be at least half way to my 55 pound weight loss which = 27.5 pounds.

Right now, I am down 23 pounds. So, I have 4 1/2 more pounds to go by August 7th.

Thats exactly 2 and 1/2 weeks to lose 4 1/2 pounds. I can be at 172.5 by August 7th by sticking to my plan.

By August 7th, I will be down to 172.5

This I will do.

Thats 2 pounds per week and then another 1/2 pound in that 1/2 week.


By my next official weigh in of:

July 29-174
Aug. 12-171- HALF WAY POINT
Aug. 26-168

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy to be getting back on track

Its good to be able to work out again and getting back on track.
Still feeling sick but I am not going to let that stop me.
Really tired.
Drinking more water than ever in my life. Realizing that our bodies really need it to be able to properly perform all the miraculous functions they perform including metabolise our food effectively.

The power of water!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Determined to continue

I know how much easier it would be to just give up and give in because I am still not feeling well, but my determination and desire is very give hope to so many that have had curve balls thrown at them during their weight loss journey.

You need to continue on and start fresh when you can.
I am experiencing nausea again tonight even though I had a good day yesterday...Its very frustrating, I will admit but I am back to the doctors again tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully he will have some answers.

I have been to 3 different doctors now and had tests done to see whats going on...

I just start fresh every day with a hopeful spirit and a fresh positive attitude that its going to be a better day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good news, bad news

Good news... is Shoppers Drug Mart has an electrolyte water that has all the benefit that Gatorade has but zero calories. Halleleuia! I have made it my mission today to drink 5 of these bottles for a total of 80 oz. of this special water. Its expensive 4.99 for 6pack but considering the frustration that being forced to drink a Sports drink thats calorie infested and was amounting to close to between 750 to 1000 calories per day. Now, I can drink freely with no worries.

Perhaps, now the games can begin again. Its felt like I have been in a slump forever even though its just been over a week.

I really want to see some progress again in my exciting journey. Everyone is looking for an update and the number is not really changing. I have been up in weight and really want to work out... I am going to attempt a workout tomorrow and see how I feel.

Last workout I did was last Wednesday and it made me soooo...sick.

Bad news is....when I thought the other day that I was over the nausea, I was very came back and has been with me ever since.
Please let me wake up tomorrow feeling fantastic!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kidney Infection steals my focus

I got very sick on Canada Day and just got worse day by day. Thought it was heat stroke from being in the sun and heat all day. Apparently I have a kidney infection. Whoa! Not fun at all.

The first thing the doctor said was, I have to drink lots of Gatorade. Do you know how many calories are in Gatorade, I told him. Isnt there something else that will help me rehydrate aside from that? No. I told him about my weight loss quest...and he told me I had to put "my quest" on hold until this cleared up. So, ... no working out, or running and he also said that my blood sugar levels are very low so I need the sugar from this ridiculous gatorade. Yuck! I dont even like Gatorade, never mind 240 calories of what tastes like pure sugar.

The antibiotics have started to kick in now, and I am finally over my nausea and back aches and major head aches and fever. Hallalleuia.

Okay, now game on...
Now, I have 2 days ahead of me of 3 family get togethers to attend. 3 Birthday celebrations. Tough when life gets in the way of your plans...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ran in the rain

Alot going on today. We have an exchange student coming to live with us for the school year from August to June. Tomorrow we have the rep coming out to meet our family and of course tons of cleaning and tidying to be done before she arrives.

Cleaned most of the day but still wanted to fit my run in today. Ended up running in the rain. I was so ready for it, bring it on if you must. It was not going to stop me.

Had a glass of wine and a beer tonight. Thoroughly enjoyed it and stayed within my nutritional range, well ok my carbs were over by a little bit but hopefully the run will compensate for that...but until those beverages, I was perfect.

Nick and I prepared $40.00 worth of boneless, skinless chicken breast with a little olive oil and rosemary for the entire week, on the barbeque. I prepared and Nick barbequed. I had some of it for lunch with some asparagus, it was moist and delicious. Fresh Rosemary rocks.
Last night, went to the movies with Brooklin and some friends, ordered a small popcorn and a diet coke. Never done that before. I savoured it piece by piece and made it last till half way through the movie. Definately never done that before. That was a breakthrough.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Can I reach my goal by October 23rd?

Starting to question whether my goal weight of 145 is attainable by Oct. 23rd.

I have had a few moments of panic today wondering if I can make it in time...but I am telling myself what I tell members, all you can do is your personal best and your body will take care of the rest.

I just have to keep my nose to the grindstone and keep tracking my workouts and my meals.

Yesterday was a little bit of a setback because I did not track my day until I had already eaten my last meal of the day and to my shock and dismay, I went over in my calories and fat grams for the day. I learned from that mistake to always enter my foods into the Curves Complete meal planner before I eat them to be sure I can afford them in my daily plan.

I tracked every last bite before I ate them today!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Back from Texas- Creative ordering

Wow, back from a business trip in Texas. Still managed to be down in weight after being away for a week... That was really hard to keep my focus while I was away. There were many tempting opportunities but I was able to resist chocolate mud pie brownie dessert and burgers and homemade fries and all sorts of mouthwatering foods.

But, I felt so proud of myself for the choices I made. Was out for dinner a few times while I was away...

One dinner I ordered grilled salmon with extra cooked veggies and a salad.

I ordered a huge salad with grilled chicken another night.

I ordered a veggie burger and had exta veggie toppings on it and feta cheese. I did not eat any of the bun. I had a salad on the side.

None of these dinners came with what I ordered on the side but it is amazing how helpful wait staff can be when you just ask for what you want.

I am so grateful I survived with a loss. I had no access to a computer while I was away so I could not keep track on my online weight loss program and I was in meetings for so many hours while I was away, I just had to do my best. I brought healthful snacks to much on during the meetings.

Exhausted, jet lag is setting in.



Monday, June 16, 2008

PMS & bloated 4 miles out

PMS and water retention is not encouraging when you are trying to lose weight. I am still following and on track but still feeling like my stomach is sticking out 4 miles.

I am trying to drink tons of water to counteract the water retention. Crazy that if you have water retention, you should actually drink more water. Last thing that you would think that you want to do.

In the past, I would be craving major carbs due to this time of month, but the absence of carbs makes you not crave them. Halleleuia.

Thats a breakthrough for not crave carbs. Normally I would be looking for chips or chocolate or something "unhealthy"

Something about feeling crampy and achey and bloated that makes you want to turn to comfort the fact that I am not craving comfort food,,,,is fantastic!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Drinking Water, Water , and more Water

In my quest to drink more water, I have tried some tricks that have worked.

For those of you who do not know, I STRUGGLE to get my water in every day. I worship people that LOVE water. I want to LOVE water...but I really dont. I have to pretend I do to my daughter and now she too is drinking more water.

So, here's what I have tried.

I have water in front of my nose at every moment of the day. I buy cases of water and I just dug out the water cooler from the spare room and cleaned it up. Now its in the kitchen where it should be and in my face. You can drink way more water out of a big glass than out of the tiny spout of a water this is good.

But, I also have water bottles with me everywhere I go. When I am working out, I leave the cap off the water bottle, I save time unscrewing it and can just dive right in and start gulping. Nestle water may have a slightly higher sodium content than other water bottles but the bottle is really squishy so you can literally squish the water out and down your throat. Every stoplight, drink water. When you are stuck in traffic, rather than grip the steering wheel, drink water.

I am adding water to my protein shake. Sneaking water in whenever I can. It even helps to eat water-rich foods like celery and lettuce, hey there's water in there. If you have decaf tea or coffee they too count as water.

My Mom drinks two waters as soon as she wakes up, what a great idea.

Even soups made with a low sodium broth, there is more water.

My skin and hair are feeling a happy healthy differnce to what I am

Start out with 8 loose blue elastics on one wrist in the morning. As you drink 8 ounces, take off an elastic and switch it to the other wrist, when you have switched them all over to the other side, you can go to bed.

Ahhhhh, Good night

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Balancing it all...Deciding you will do it!

Sometimes, balancing everything that you try to do seems impossible but somehow when you make a decision to do something you miraculously find the time.

What do I mean by that...I still have the same 24 hours that I always had and I still have just as many obligations and committments with running 3 Curves and a family, but somehow I am fitting it all in when a few short weeks ago I truly believed that I did not have time to workout or plan meals in advance or keep track of my nutritional needs. When you decide to and make that huge commitment, somehow the balancing act gets easier.

Just decide! And tell the people in your circle of influence that this you are going to do...they will support you. If they dont, come to Curves and we will be your support system. But seriously with everything I have on my plate, I could continue to make excuses why this is too hard, but that is not going to get me anywhere.... Deciding to do it and asking for support and guidance. If you do not have that in your life, seek it out...go to the professionals that can give it to you. Lets do it together. Remember this...If you continue to do what you have always done, you continue to get what you have always got, what changes are you willing to make. Start now! You CAN do it!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What am I eating?

I would like to thank everyone for being so wonderful. When you put yourself out there like this, you never know how people are going to react. I am so amazed and thrilled by all the positive feedback and support that everyone has showed me. I feel very blessed. The number one question that so many people are asking is ...what are you eating?

So, I decided to post on this blog today exactly what I ate today. EXACTLY!!

1 glass of water
2 Curves multi-vitamins
Curves Cereal-1 cup
Skim milk- 1/2 cup
Banana 1/2 medium size
Egg Beaters egg subsitute 1/2 cup
1 oz. of light Maple Leaf cheddar cheese
Large Tim Hortons coffee with 1/2 of a cream and 1/2 of a sugar

1 glass of water
1/8th of a cup of blanched almonds
1 container Danone activia yogurt

1 glass of water
6 oz. skinless chicken breast with fresh rosemary
1/2 cup of carrots

1 glass of water
2 slices Wasa Multigrain crackers
4 oz. lean Deli turkey breast
small Tim Horton's coffee with 1/ 2 of a cream and 1/2 of a sugar

1 glass of water
2 Blue Water Salmon Grill fillets (Garlic butter)
huge garden salad with 1 TBLSP balsamic vinageretter dressing.
Grilled mushrooms 1/4 cup
Grilled cauliflower 1 1/2 cups

There is no deprivation whatsoever here. I am completely satisfied and feel energized and in control.

Oh, and it sure helps you stay motivated when your husband tells you that your legs are getting thinner. Bless his heart. Compliments make the journey even more enjoyable.

I am following the guidlines of the Curves Complete online weight loss program. Just google Curves Complete and you can check it out. If you would like to try a complimentary month, just let me know. I would be happy to provide you with a free 30 day voucher that you can try from the comfort of your home. I wish you all much success.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekends take REAL FOCUS

This is my 3rd weekend in a row staying focused and on track. It takes real forethought and confidence to make it through challenging food related functions.

Saturday was a family function that is always built around a meal. My sister called to say Mom was thinking about serving lasagna and we would all contribute something to compliment that, she thought maybe garlic bread and salad and some form of dessert.

Pasta has always been a "red light" food for me. Stopping at one serving is tough plus I am avoiding white flour products now so...this would have been a challenge. I said that thats fine with me but I would bring alternate food for myself because I would not be eating lasagna. I normally try to go with the flow but I knew that this had the potential to sabatoge my success. God Bless my family because the next thing I knew, the menu was Swiss Chalet. I ordered a quarter chicken breast with salad. Although others were still having fries with their chicken and nachos (my favourite), I felt completely in control and satisfied. My Mom had prepared delicious Rhubarb and set a portion aside with no sugar for me that I sprinkled a little splenda on. They had theirs on ice cream with jello but I savoured every bite of my healthy version.

Today could have been challenging again, as we attended a Strawberry Social...You can imagine what was served at that function. You guessed it strawberries and ice cream. HMMMM... I got creative and brought with me a vanilla yogurt in my purse and asked for just the strawberries and I poured my yogurt over top. It was delicious and again I conquered what has in the past defeated me.

The heat could have stopped my workout today but I really wanted to get it in there so I did some ab work at home and met up with a Curves member (Ronda) who is going to join me in the half marathon. We met at Oaks Park for 40 minutes of run/walk intervals. We were drenched with sweat afterwards but it was a great feeling of accomplishment once we were done.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Heat Wave!

Wow, this sudden heat wave really drains your energy.
We had a family birthday today. Our puppy turned one today. Happy Birthday Paisley.

We had a fun-filled Puppy Birthday party tonight with a neighbourhood puppy friend as her guest along with Brooklin, my 7 year old daughter and all the neighbourhood kids. Puppies got puppy-loot bags and earned reward ribbons for running races. The dogs wore party hats and enjoyed the kiddy pool thats been passed down to the puppy. The kids enjoyed sugar free freezies and lit sparklers. One little girl told me that it was the most fun Puppy pool party she has ever been to. Probably the ONLY puppy party she has ever been to I'm guessing.

Nick barbequed the most delicous steaks for dinner and I had a whole bunch of cauliflower with it and a small baked potatoe. It was heavenly and on track, imagine that!

Thank goodness I did my Curves workout today because this heat did not invite me to go for a run...although my husband offered to go with me...I passed due to sheer exhaustion. No central air in my house. I think I will sweat out 10 pounds tonight while I sleep. Hey, not a bad plan...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My big Red cooler bag filled with food

I am wiped out today. Another loooong day, just got finished again after 930pm.

Family missing me tons from being away such long hours. Need to figure out a better plan.

I loved every minute of this action packed day at Curves. Trained 5 new members on the circuit and managed to miraculously fit in my 30 minute Curves workout. Burned close to 500 calories in my 30 minute workout. Felt great.

On long days like this... away from home for so long, the old me would have been skipping meals until I was starving after hours with no food and then go get some form of take out out of desperation. But not now, I am packing up my big red cooler bag and bringing it with me to work. Its is filled with all the nutritious food I need to eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Thats the key success, be Prepared & Plan ahead!!

Fitting in exercise

This post is actually from Wed. June 5th but my computer was not cooperating last night.

Wed. June 4th.
Unexpectedly, my workday today went from 830am straight through to 9:30 pm. My workout today did not happen. By the time I got home, I just wanted to spend what little bit of time I could with Nick and Brooklin before bedtime. My good intentions for getting in a workout went out the door.

Thankfully, I had rode my bike with Brooklin in the morning to take her to school and then had forgotten my house keys in her backpack which was with her at school and had to ride my bike back to the school to retrieve the keys. Plus, I probably did 4 first workouts with new members and was literally running off my feet the whole day. But, nonetheless, my scheduled workout never happened.

I am trying to build in automatic exercise into our family schedule which is not only ensuring we all move a little bit more but also its fun family time outdoors. If we can possibly walk or ride our bike somewhere, we are leaving the car at home. You should have seen Brooklin and I the other day at the grocery store. Thank goodness I have a baby seat on the back of my bike as I had to bungy cord in a case of water and 4 bags of groceries onto the back of my bike. It was a challenge but we had fun tackling it together.

I am going to try to set up a more structured "sure thing" training schedule so that this does not happen again.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No time to eat

Today was a really busy day at Curves. Although I am determined to eat every 2 1/2 to 3 hours, today there was just not even one second to stop. We were just hopping with phone calls and, I went 5 hours without eating. This is not good.

Once again, I know better but sometimes your day gets away from you and you just have to do your best with what you have to work with.

The old me "the all perfect or forget it" me would have gave in the towel for the day...but I am determined to keep my "focus".

Because I literally missed a snack and lunch (two meals), it was impossible to catch up on all the missed eating and you should'nt even try. I came in really low on my target calories, protein and believe it or not even low on my fat for the day, but thats okay. I will do better tomorrow. If this happened more than one day in a row, it would bring back compulsive eating tendencies because when your body has gone without eating for any length of time, you tend to want to "eat the house" .

If its a matter of forgetting to eat, a great tip is to set your cell phone alarm or any other timer to go off every 2 1/2 to 3 a reminder until it becomes second nature for your body to start reminding you. This will keep your metabolism's engine roaring and will fight off those dreaded starvation hormones from producing in your body which will actually S L O W down your metabolism. Thats the last thing we want to happen when are goal is to lose weight.

I had a great workout at Curves today and also managed to squeeze in a 45 minute run tonight after dinner. I feel great!

I checked my body fat % tonight and its down almost 1% in just 2 weeks. Yahoo!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Why you should not weigh yourself daily

I should know better than to weigh myself daily. You should really only weigh yourself once a week... But my excitement got the best of me and I weighed myself this morning. I' m up a pound. What a huge disappointment. I know its probably just water weight but just the same its discouraging to have worked so hard yesterday at staying perfectly on track and getting in my excercise and to be up in weight just seems unfair. The only way to have an accurate weigh in is to weigh in weekly, I advise members all the time..and it should be in the same clothes and at roughly the same time of day, if possible and on the same scale. That is really important.

This is why. Let my disappointment be a lesson to everyone, dont do it. It can really affect your psyche.

I just picked myself back up and wiped myself off and started with a fresh new day today. I was really proud of my food choices today as well. Lacked water today. Will work on that tomorrow. Any water tips would be so helpful. Ways to trick yourself into getting lots of water in.

I am really in need of a great night sleep to renew my faith.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

10 Down and 45 to go

My energy levels and excitement are so high. I hit my nutrition targets today and I am so proud. It was not easy but it was fun checking out different ways to get in my protein. Tuna, although not my favourite food; it is sooo high in protein and sooo low in fat that it is practically a perfect food if there is such a thing. If you asked me a short while ago, I would not have been telling you that 'TUNA' was a perfect food. Probably more like movie theatre popcorn; perfect on a "flavour scale" that is. Nutritionally not so much!

Went on a family walk today, ended up at the park, Brooklin brought her friend Ashley and while they were on the climbing bars, Brooklin bruised her knee. They had worn their rollerblades so rather than have her hobble home on her sore knee, I ran home with the dog and got the car. My goal was to get back for her as quick as I could and the sprint was exhilerating. Any time I can steal away for some extra cardio, I am jumping at the chance.

Tuna for me is all in what you add to it and what kind. Albacore tuna in water is the best nutritionally and flavour-wise. If you add some crunchy chopped veggies (like celery and onion, I even tried shredded carrots), dry mustard, lemon juice and a teeny bit of light mayo and some dill, its actually quite good. Oh ya and black ground pepper too.

I weighed in this morning and I am down to 190 pounds, that means I have lost 10 pounds so far...with just 45 to go. I figure if I lose 2.5 pounds per week, I can make it to my goal of 145 by Oct. 23rd. Here's hoping!!

Every week that I reach or exceed my 2.5 pound goal, I am going to reward myself in some way. Even if its just a bouquet of fresh cut flowers as a reminder to celebrate my success.

My husband, Nick amazes me. He is really more supportive than he even knows. He keeps telling me that he knows I will reach my goal, he sees my determination and believes that I will do it. He fears if it does not happen by Oct. 23rd that I will be so disappointed but he wanted me to know that lets just say if...I don't quite make it by then, that I will make it and its more than okay if I make it there 2 weeks later or 2 months later or however much longer it may take. He loves me no matter what number is on the scale. Bless his heart.

But I am going to make it by then. PERIOD, END OF STORY!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

The journey begins

You get what you focus on, what are you focusing on? Thats how this journey began. I asked myself that question and it hit me. Everything that I am motivating other women to do, I simply was not doing myself. I tell women that in order to be a great Mom and great caregiver, employee, wife, and in order to wear all the different hats that they wear, they must first take care of themselves. I was focusing on taking care of the needs of my business and my members, my family and even my puppy but somehow I was at the end of the list and it was time that I practise what I preach and move myself to the front of the line. So here I am, weighing in at an all time high body weight of 200 pounds, the most weight I have ever been outside of pregnancy. Game on! My goal is to get back into my wedding gown by October 23rd, 2008...which marks my 9th wedding Anniversary. In order to do this, I will need to lose a total of 55 pounds. I started this mission the day after Victoria Day; Tuesday May 20th, 2008...and this I AM GOING TO DO! So far, I have lost just over 8 pounds and am feeling more determined than ever. I have committed to making the time for my 3 Curves workouts per week at 30 minutes each plus some extra cardio outside of Curves varying from family bike rides, hiking and running with my dog. She is an Austallian Labradoodle and she loves to run as much as I do. I registered today for my first half marathon scheduled for October 26th, 2008. Perfect timing to work towards my goal. Hold on tight, here we go!