Thursday, July 31, 2008

East Side Marios

Was treated to East Side Marios tonight for dinner.

Avoided the warm bread with slathered butter.

Chose the whole wheat linguine with garlic and shrimp.

And garden salad. Only problem is I do not know what kind of fat content is in the dressing. It is so delicious which makes me think that it is high fat. But anyway, I had lots and lots of salad. So, depending on the salad dressing , that could be good or bad.

i hope good. I did my best to make the best choice and loved every minute of it. If anyone knows the nutrition content of ESM's dressing...please let me know.
Thanks,,,until then I will hope its healthy. Thats all I can do.

That and just get back to program Friday.

Baggy pants

I always talk about the "baggy butt" syndrome...and I have it big time.

All of my pants are just hanging off of me, some are even falling off.

Its a great sign of success and also a sign of the time to buy some smaller clothes.

Because of the cost of replacing your wardrobe, the best solution for this in between stage is second hand shops like Value Village and the Goodwill. Once a find a little time, I will be heading there.
In the meantime, I am having fun pulling out things from bins of clothes that I already own that I have not fit into in literally years...Its very fun!

Wearing things that fit seem to provoke more people noticing and complimenting success.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Exceeded my body fat goal!

Very excited today. Got weighed, measured and body fat tested. My end goal for Oct. 23rd was to be down to 34% body fat and I am down to 33.7%

Feels great. There is one goal down and 2 more to go.

Fit into wedding gown by Oct. 23rd

Be 145 by Oct. 23rd.

I believe I am on track to do it!~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Protein saved the day

After such a fun but tiring weekend, getting right back on track with lots of protein today helped me to jump into my week with a bang. That and a great workout at Curves re-energized me to be ready for all this week has in store for me.

The great news is...there are sooooo many yummy protein choices. My all-time favourite is a Curves protein shake blended with crushed ice and 2 tsp. of natural peanut butter. Its a favourite with kids too for an occasional treat.

Not to mention these shrimp skewers Nick picked up for me that have a lime flavour to them. I think they were Our Compliments brand...No name of some sort, fabulous!!!

A handful of almonds are another protein favourite.

Protein rocks.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Fun day at ZOOZ with my family...then a 5 mile run tonight.

I am whipped.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Too rushed to eat, feeling of deprivation and Desperation.

Rushed from the second I woke up today. Promotion to attend in NOTL and then off to Niagara Falls straight from there til 6pm then a house guest coming for Brooklin and off to Zooz for the day the next morning.

Was no time to prepare. Was playing catch up with food all day. Did not pack food to keep me energized and nutritionalized. Will not do this again any time soon. Felt sick and desperate to eat, eat , eat.

Not a good feeling.

Will learn from this...and be sure to pack the night before a big busy day.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thank goodness for preparing extra

Thank goodness for salads and cooked chicken.

Nick made me up a huge salad a couple days ago and it has saved me so many times. I cooked up a whole bunch of chicken also and some extra lean ground beef. I just throw in some protein to my salad and presto I have a yummy meal. Helps to keep you focused on days you get home late and dont know what to make.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 pounds to go to midpoint goal weight

Yahoo, only 3 pounds to go before I am at the halfway point of my goal. I am so excited. I expected to be here before the actual midpoint of my journey of August 5th, but thats okay...Stuff happens and I will move forward with pride.

I've been getting in my Curves Workouts this week and feeling great. Ran Sunday and Tuesday also, 5 miles Sunday and just over 4 miles last night.

Went to Movie last night with my friends and we all brought our daughters. What a great time,,,,and I remained focused. Brought almonds to munch on and had a treat of a diet coke. Had a couple little nibbles of Brooklin's popcorn but all in all was very proud of my restraint.

Had girls at the bank and at local stores and my doctors office all give me wonderful encouragement and support. Wow, it feels great to have so many people noticing and complimenting me. Brooklin says , you are famous, MOM! So cute.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Excellent day!

Felt good all day today...tracked food intake well and did a great Curves workout.

Followed the Curves meal plan, almost perfectly today. As best as my lifestyle would permit.


Unofficial weigh in day tomorrow.

Look forward to another new day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back with a vengence- Halfway point fast approaching!

Okay, enough is enough. I mean business now... I am starting today brand new, fresh start and a new beginning.

Its been 3 weeks of monkeying around. Illness or no-illness, I am moving on.

I really got away from the regiment of tracking everything that I ate on my Curves online weight loss program.

Here is the Gameplan:

1)Starting today I am tracking every last sip of water and every bite, lick or taste of anything that crosses these lips.

2)I am getting back to my 3 Curves workouts per week, no matter what.

3)I am getting back to a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio daily, rollerblading, walking, running, whatever strikes my fancy...but 30 good minutes daily.

4)I will write again on this daily blog, even if its just to say one sentence that sums up how I am feeling or any words of wisdom I would like to share. Or....even just to say how I did on all 3 levels of my game plan...I will report in, I promise.

Its truly amazing how an illness can be such a distraction from what is important. Its really does steal your focus. But no more.

Hold on tight, here we go!

The half way point of my 22 week adventure is creeping up on me. My goal was to be at least half way to my 55 pound weight loss which = 27.5 pounds.

Right now, I am down 23 pounds. So, I have 4 1/2 more pounds to go by August 7th.

Thats exactly 2 and 1/2 weeks to lose 4 1/2 pounds. I can be at 172.5 by August 7th by sticking to my plan.

By August 7th, I will be down to 172.5

This I will do.

Thats 2 pounds per week and then another 1/2 pound in that 1/2 week.


By my next official weigh in of:

July 29-174
Aug. 12-171- HALF WAY POINT
Aug. 26-168

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy to be getting back on track

Its good to be able to work out again and getting back on track.
Still feeling sick but I am not going to let that stop me.
Really tired.
Drinking more water than ever in my life. Realizing that our bodies really need it to be able to properly perform all the miraculous functions they perform including metabolise our food effectively.

The power of water!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Determined to continue

I know how much easier it would be to just give up and give in because I am still not feeling well, but my determination and desire is very give hope to so many that have had curve balls thrown at them during their weight loss journey.

You need to continue on and start fresh when you can.
I am experiencing nausea again tonight even though I had a good day yesterday...Its very frustrating, I will admit but I am back to the doctors again tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully he will have some answers.

I have been to 3 different doctors now and had tests done to see whats going on...

I just start fresh every day with a hopeful spirit and a fresh positive attitude that its going to be a better day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good news, bad news

Good news... is Shoppers Drug Mart has an electrolyte water that has all the benefit that Gatorade has but zero calories. Halleleuia! I have made it my mission today to drink 5 of these bottles for a total of 80 oz. of this special water. Its expensive 4.99 for 6pack but considering the frustration that being forced to drink a Sports drink thats calorie infested and was amounting to close to between 750 to 1000 calories per day. Now, I can drink freely with no worries.

Perhaps, now the games can begin again. Its felt like I have been in a slump forever even though its just been over a week.

I really want to see some progress again in my exciting journey. Everyone is looking for an update and the number is not really changing. I have been up in weight and really want to work out... I am going to attempt a workout tomorrow and see how I feel.

Last workout I did was last Wednesday and it made me soooo...sick.

Bad news is....when I thought the other day that I was over the nausea, I was very came back and has been with me ever since.
Please let me wake up tomorrow feeling fantastic!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kidney Infection steals my focus

I got very sick on Canada Day and just got worse day by day. Thought it was heat stroke from being in the sun and heat all day. Apparently I have a kidney infection. Whoa! Not fun at all.

The first thing the doctor said was, I have to drink lots of Gatorade. Do you know how many calories are in Gatorade, I told him. Isnt there something else that will help me rehydrate aside from that? No. I told him about my weight loss quest...and he told me I had to put "my quest" on hold until this cleared up. So, ... no working out, or running and he also said that my blood sugar levels are very low so I need the sugar from this ridiculous gatorade. Yuck! I dont even like Gatorade, never mind 240 calories of what tastes like pure sugar.

The antibiotics have started to kick in now, and I am finally over my nausea and back aches and major head aches and fever. Hallalleuia.

Okay, now game on...
Now, I have 2 days ahead of me of 3 family get togethers to attend. 3 Birthday celebrations. Tough when life gets in the way of your plans...