Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Strong Woman Challenge

Hello, its me...I know its been a while...but I thought it was time to check in again.

So, yesterday I embarked on a 10 week Strong Woman Challenge.  The Top 3 entries will get to go to San Diego for an all expenses paid trip, a makeover and a photo/video shoot!!!...AND will be one of 6 selected in North America to be the FACE OF CURVES.  How incredibly cool!!!  I would love that so much.  How cool to see what they would do during my makeover.

I have tried to encourage as many members as possible to enter this challenge as well...we are stronger together and we can do it far, I do have a few that have accepted the challenge...\I am so excited for all of us!

So, I am back to wearing my pedometer every day and making sure I hit my 10,000 steps and will be working out at Curves 6 days a week during the 10 week challenge.

I will be hitting the Curves classes hard and consistently.  Muscles are a beautiful thing!!

Latest update since last checking daughter Brooklin joined our 10 week running group and together, we ran a 5k race on Canada Day.  I was so proud of her.  What an incredible accomplishment and she rocked it the entire way, saying how much she was loving it.  She is very determined to get healthier and more fit.  From January 4, 2016 until now; she has lost over 40 pounds and has committed to working out at Curves every day after school.  School resumed yesterday and so far she is two for two.  Go Brooklin Go!!

In the past, she would have every excuse in the book why she can't workout, now she looks for ways and opportunities to get steps and exercise.  She walked from her high school to Curves in extreme heat conditions after long hot days in their non-airconditioned school.  Very impressive and she not only worked out on the circuit very hard, but also did the move between machines with awesome form and posture.  So proud of her.  She is super motivated, |I hope that she keeps her motivation and her dedication to being fit and active and healthy. 
So, my eating was pretty immaculate both yesterday and today.  Focus on balance of protein, healthy fats and carbs.  Feeling good so far. I was so close to hitting my 10,000 steps before bed tonight but not quite there, so I walked in my air conditioned bedroom until I hit 11,000...I was just feeling so good doing the Leslie Sansone one mile walk, that I just kept going, walking right on by my 10,000 step goal.  Time to let these muscles rest so I can start again tomorrow. |Night!