Friday, December 11, 2015

One Party filled with temptations and slip ups will not crumble your entire week.

Remember to forgive yourself and move on...

If a night out slips you up, remember to learn from it, brush yourself off, forgive yourself and get right back on track.

Think about what good choices did I make?  ...and celebrate that!

Then...lets reflect on those things that we could have done a bit better on...NOT for the purpose of beating ourselves up over, BUT instead to learn from it and plan to be better next time.

Let's look at my evening last night for example.

I attended a party directly from work after a long day at Curves.  My eating up until the party was right on track and I really had no intentions of falling off track but because I was at work all day; I really did not mentally rehearse or plan on my best party strategy.  That was my first mistake.  I went to the party famished and was completely at the mercy of the food options;...which were not good.  There were raw veggies, which I can celebrate, I loaded up my plate full with these...Yay for me.  The only other options were chicken strips and French fries; both of which were deep fried and not the healthy homemade version I would make at home...but I was starving and I ate it anyway.  The fries were not even worth it; rather cold and boring.  Number one rule is if the indulgence is not a 10 in your books; do not eat it.  I broke my own rule. 

In reflecting, I could have just had the chicken because at least it was protein, even though it was not the healthiest of choices.  Until the item is on your plate, you cant really judge if its a 10 and when you are super hungry, you may be tempted as I was to eat it anyway.  I could have filled up plate with veggies and simply took one small chicken strip and a couple fries to see if it was even a 10 or not.

Whenever possible, its a great idea to bring a contribution to the party which is something you know is healthy and delicious to be able to fall back on.

Also, if I wasn't flying there directly from work, I could have eaten before I arrived so that I was not so crazy hungry or even had a Curves protein bar or shake in the car on my way there so that I would have been more in control.

Today, I got right back on track and worked a bit harder on my Curves strength training workout.  We started 12 days of fitness this week also which really upped my game as I joined in with multiple groups of members doing the fitness moves for day two and day one.  I think that made up for my one meal that was not so perfect.  I've learned to jump right back on track without the blink of an eye and it probably will not even affect my weekly or monthly results.

Its also a good idea to drink a ton of water the day after a slip up.

In summary, forgive yourself and get right back on track and write down on your food journal your reflections and strategies for next time you find yourself in a similar situation.  Celebrate all progress and any little thing you may have done that was even a tiny bit better than in the past.

Plan for success!  Its ok to slip up...its what you do after your slip up that matters!  To err is human!  There are no mistakes as long as you learn something. Nobody is perfect.

Remember that one little slip up will not ruin your whole plan.  Avoid giving up on yourself or your week.  Don't turn a slight detour into a U-turn heading back in the wrong direction.

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