Wednesday, December 9, 2015

We think we are eating on track in our head...paper does't lie!

Okay, let me just put all the cards on the table....when we are not recording what we put in our mouths, we are probably NOT on track.  I can fool myself into thinking that I am following my Curves Complete eating plan but somehow whenever I am not recording my food and beverage intake, the scale fails me.

Magically, as soon as I start recording what I eat, the scale moves!!!

So, I am down 5 pounds from last week and the major difference is that I AM recording what I am eating!

There is no beating around the bush.  I know that we all think we "eat healthy"...I cannot tell you how many times a day I hear that from people...but when we really start writing down exactly what they eat, we always discover something!!...from going for too many hours without food; sometimes like 8 hours without food to mindless popping of this and that throughout the day and night...mindless eating is not calorie free, although I wish it was.  By the way, going without eating for long periods of time is the perfect formula for slowing down your metabolism.  So, to recap...if you want to GAIN WEIGHT...then SIMPLY GO FOR LONNNGGG periods of time without eating. 

WE HAVE TO EAT TO LOSE!!   Hardest concept to grasp, I know! Even though I have an extensive educational background in nutrition; and I know this inside and out...there are times when I want to just jump on some "starvation diet" for a few days....It never works...You may lose a few pounds at first but guaranteed you will gain it all back and then some more and more!!!

Tip for the Day:  Write down or record what you eat and when, starting NOW!!!!

It works!

FACT:  Studies have proven that those that write down or record every bite or drink they consume lose 2 times as much weight than those that don't!  If that's not enough to motivate you to pull out the pen and paper, I don't know what will.  You can do this!!!

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