Wednesday, March 11, 2009


We can all justify anything!

Actually we are really good at it.

But, do some honest, deep sole-searching and find out if your EXCUSES are disguised as reasons.

While life is challenging, and time and money demands are tough...we have to keep ourselves real. Make a committment to being 100% honest with yourself and those around you when it comes to reasons vs. excuses.

We can come up with a million "GOOD REASONS" why certain things will not work for us. Why not come up with a million reasons why you ARE GOING TO MAKE IT WORK!

A man once told me. Never say "I cant afford" because its the language of the poor. Instead say, "I choose" to spend my money on healthy food then on that diamond necklace...its not that you cant afford that diamond necklace its just that feeding your family is a little higher on the priority list. Thank goodness.

He said that everyone can afford a cadillac. You may have to LIVE in it but everyone can afford one. Of course he was joking...but it makes you think. Its true, we just have to be real and be positive.

My point is...try to be real and think of 10 reasons right now why you will be successful. Focus on what you want to achieve and you will get it...maybe not instantly, but keep the focus and it will come.

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