Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Planning Ahead

Planning is key...

What is that ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?

While a night of planning is worth a day of success.

I am telling you...If you plan out exactly what you are going to eat the next day...

Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack and Dinner...

You will set yourself up for success, guarenteed...Better yet email that menu to me or someone else...That pre-planning accountability is amazingly even more successful.

Plan out your activity for tomorrow , today too!

Is it a cardio day or a strength training day?

If its a cardio day...Do 2 min easy followed by 1 minute of all out give it all you got cardio...back to 2 min. of easy to moderate, then another 1 minute of cant work any harder cardio.

So, if you are walking, walk at a moderate pace for 2 min. then walk like you have never walked before,,,wiggle it and move, swing those arms and give it all you are made of.

If you are at Curves and its cardio day...lets see some fun movement on the recovery boards...Boxing, jumping jacks, whatever is pushing it for you... then recover on the machines.

But, if its your strenghth training day...and you are on Curves Smart...lets see you giving those machines everything you are made of...flashing green lights all the letting up...then just recovery on the recovery stations...dont waste energy on the recovery it all for the machines..

When are you working out...tomorrow what time? and is it cardio or S/T?

Plan your menus and work them in.

Plan your workout and workout your plan...

and you will soar all the way to the top of the Tree of Success and fly with the eagles.


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Kathy said...

Yes, go onto
That is the program I follow. Its been well over a year and I have kept my weight off. It works.

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